Jessica Sanchez Homecoming Updates: Arrived in PETCO Park in a Helicopter and Sang at Eastlake High (Videos)

Jessica Sanchez’s homecoming was marked with a helicopter ride to PETCO Park where she poignantly remembered waiting it out in seat no.18 to audition for American Idol 2012.

“When I sat down in that seat, I had flashbacks…”

She also performed at the Football Stadium in Eastlake High for all of her adoring fans. She sang songs like “Try a Little Tenderness,” and “Stuttering.”

Top 3 Song Spoiler on May 16

Jessica Sanchez at Eastlake High

Video Credit: aaroncathy619/YouTube

Jessica Sanchez got a Superstar treatment in her Chula Vista homecoming.

Jessica Sanchez’ Homecoming

Video Credit: Fox/YouTube

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