Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Hudson, American Idol Season 13’s New Judges?

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Judson are, reportedly, American Idol Season 13’s New Judges. Entertainment sites are rife with this new development.

It would be a good combination because they are both entertainers, so they know what they are talking about. Keith Urban, the judge from last season, should be retained because he was a conscientious judge during that season. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are not returning anymore.

American Idol
American Idol, Image credit: American Idol

A fourth judge could add another ‘head’ to the judging table, as they say, ‘two heads are better than one.

Rumored judge, Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert would be a new mix into the old fold. It would spice up the panel of judges. With their unmistakable power vocals, they could definitely give sound advice to the contestants.

Ryan Seacrest would be returning as host for the next season.

Who would be the final panel of judges for American Idol 2013? Check back later for updates, as auditions are on-going.

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