Jeane Napoles’ “Sosyal” Birthday Party: Watch How Taxpayers’ Money is Spent?

MANILA, PhilippinesJeane Napoles’ “Sosyal” (lavish) birthday party shows how money should be spent, or how taxpayer’s money should be spent?

A video is circulating online about Jeane Napoles, daughter of Janet Lim-Napoles, who is presently wanted by the Department of Justice for serious illegal detention, and pending alleged 10 billion pork barrel scams.

Filipinos are so enraged; many are hurling hateful words at the alleged culprit on online social networks.  The faithful taxpayers who endure tightening their belts so they could put food on their tables are the genuine victims of the millions of pesos that were siphoned to supposedly legal and legit projects.

The DOJ has rightfully frozen all bank accounts and properties of Janet Lim-Napoles, her relatives and associates, until such time that innocence or guilt has been established.

Watch the video below.

In fairness to the Napoles, here’s their explanation.

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