Holy Week: Remembering Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection

For billions of Catholics all over the world, Holy Week is a time of remembering Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. They believe that Jesus Christ has died on the cross and after three days has resurrected.


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Holy Week is composed of various activities that recall the passion of Christ. These religious activities include all or any of the following:
• Way of the Cross

The laity follows Christ’s way as he carries the cross to Calvary, where he was crucified. They read scripture and pray to remember his sufferings. In the Philippines, some faithful reenact the crucifixion, crowning of thorns, the lashings, and the mocking of Christ.

• The Seven Last Words

The Seven Last Words of Christ on the cross are interpreted and given meaning by the clergy.

• Reading of the Gospel

The reading of the gospel and prayer are done round the clock, just like during a wake. This is usually done up to Friday.

• Eucharistic Celebration or Mass

The usual mass celebration is done, and a homily is given by the priest about the gospel.

• The Washing of the Feet

This is a reenactment of Jesus washing the feet of his apostles to depict humility and service to others.

• Confession

Confessions are recommended during the Holy Week.

• Fasting
Abstinence from meat and fasting is observed as a sign of penance. Some Catholics abstain from personal activities that they enjoy most. However, there are also some Catholics who grab this chance for a holiday.

Catholics observe the Holy Week through various ways. Whatever the method is, they make it a point to pray and reflect on what they did wrong and atone for their sins.

After Maundy Thursday, Black Friday and Black Saturday, Easter Sunday is a day of redemption and joy. This is the day that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. This gives hope and joy to Catholics, so they welcome Sunday with happiness because it denotes redemption.

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