Hollie Cavanagh, Top 3 American Idol 2012, Reveals Mariah Carey is Her Idol, Talks with Fans on Twitter

Hollie Cavanagh
Image Credit: Americanidol

Hollie Cavanagh, Top 3 American Idol 2012, reveals that Mariah Carey is her idol, and pink is her favorite color.

Hollie talks with her fans, via the micro blogging site, Twitter.

When asked:

“If you could duet with anyone besides Mariah, who would it be?”

Hollie answered:

“Adele or Carrie :)”

One fan asked:

“Hollie, how do you keep up w/ your fans, friends & family in England while you’re down in the States?”

Hollie replied:

“Just try to talk to them as much as i can and when i do it’s just like we have been talking for years (:”

Another one asked:

“What was your favorite moment when you were on American Idol?”

Hollie said:

“Pretty much every single moment lol.”

A Glee fan asked:

“Do you watch glee, if so who is your favorite character!?!”

Hollie answered:

“Yes, I love Kurt.”


“What’s your favorite love movie?”


“The Notebook.”

The Twitter conversation and Twitter party is still on-going with the Top 3 American Idol  having a great time with her fans.

Hollie Cavanagh is excited also about the upcoming American Idol 2012 Live tour, which starts on July 6, in Detroit, Michigan.

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