Flu Outbreak 2013: How to Prevent Spread of Flu Virus

The Flu Outbreak in the U.S. as released by CDC, January 11, 2013, is said to have spread to 24 states with high incidences of influenza-like conditions, and 16 with low incidences of influenza-like illnesses.

This has caused people around the globe to fear this flu epidemic. The strain, H3N2, is reported to be the major cause of the flu epidemic with Influenza B.

Some flu symptoms include fever, cough, body malaise, headache, runny nose, sore throat, chills, muscle cramps and muscle pains. The flu virus could easily be spread through the air via mucus, cough droplets and sputum.

How could you prevent the spread of the flu virus? Here are simple ways to do this:

Avoid lending your phones

One of the main personal things that you used most often is your Smartphone or cell phone. Viral particles cling easily to the screen of phones, and when you put them near your mouth, ears and nose, when calling and receiving calls. You are increasing your risk of contracting the flu virus by placing the viral-laden virus close to your facial openings. By not lending your phones, you would avoid viral transmission and prevent any Flu Outbreak from occurring.

Wash your hands regularly

Hand washing is still one of the simplest but most effective ways of preventing the transfer of virus or bacteria from one person to another. The hands are the part of the body that most often comes in contact with your face, nose, mouth and eyes. You also use them to put food in your mouth, so it is crucial that they should be kept clean.

Avoid crowded places

Crowded places, especially in air-conditioned rooms increase the risk of flu infection.  You could get the flu in crowded malls, where everyone converges, and no one checks whether those who enter have flu-like symptoms. Malls could install body temperature readers, just like in airports, to prevent people with fever from entering.

Stay away from persons exhibiting the symptoms

When you learn that a person has the symptoms, advise him to visit his doctor. Stay away from persons experiencing those symptoms because the flu virus is easily transmitted through the air.

Use tissue paper instead of hankies

If you have the symptoms, see your doctor immediately. If this is not possible, you can take in anti-viral drugs that are sold OTC. Use tissue paper instead of hankies to prevent getting infected over and over.

Get a flu shot

Although, vaccines do not ensure 100 percent effectiveness, according to CDC, it is still the most effective way to prevent the Flu Outbreak or Flu Epidemic. So, ensure the health and safety of your family by being aware of these simple and effective methods to prevent the flu virus from infecting you.

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