Firecracker Partial Ban in the Philippines To Be Implemented?

A firecracker ban in the Philippines should be implemented by the government because of accidents happening even before New Year’s Day. The government could impose a total ban, or if that’s not possible, a partial ban on firecrackers.

The Department of Health (DOH) disclosed via local TV news that there are 72 casualties already as of December 26, 2012, and the number is expected to increase as New Year’s Eve approaches. DOH also favors a partial ban now, and a total ban next year.

Fireworks, Image credit: needforwedding

There are other safe methods of producing noise without using firecracker. New Year revelers can utilize trumpets, musical instruments, common household utensils (spoons, plastic plates), sticks, car horns, and so many other materials.

It is a common Filipino belief that loud noise scares away bad spirits and bad luck, and welcomes the New Year with good vibes and prosperity. It did not specify though, that people should use firecrackers.

If people are inventive enough, they can produce loud noises without resorting to firecrackers. Filipinos should join the health secretary in banning firecrackers totally for a safer and happier celebration of New Year.


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