Filipino Skater, Michael Christian Martinez, Featured as One of the Bests in The Best of Sochi 2014 Olympics Video

Filipino Skater, Michael Christian Martinez, is featured in the video of “The Best of Sochi 2014 Olympics”, indicating that the Olympics’ organizers consider the lone entry of the Philippines and of Southeast Asia as one of the best athletes in the competition.

Michael Christian Martinez, Image credit:

Michael Christian Martinez, despite of his young age and insufficient training, has qualified for the Men’s Free Skating Program. In the medal round he ended at 19th place, a historical and phenomenal achievement for a 17 year-old youngest competitor.

After a hero’s welcome in the Philippines, Michael is back to training, in preparation for a competition in Bulgaria. The optimistic and inspiring young athlete, vows to train more so he could capture a medal in the next winter Olympics.

You can watch The Best of Sochi 2014 Olympics featuring Michael Christian Martinez HERE.

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