Fifteen (15) out of Seventeen (17) Angeles University Foundation Med. Tech. Graduates Passed the Board Exams with 88.24%

PAMPANGA, Philippines – Fifteen (15) out of seventeen (17) Angeles University Foundation (AUF) Med. Tech. graduates, who took the Medical Technology Licensure Exams last March 30 and 31, have passed, with AUF garnering a 93.33% passing percentage for first timers (14 out of 15) and 50% for second timers (1 out of 2), for a total of 88.24%. The national passing percentage is 70.69% (885 out of 1, 265 examinees.)

As released by PRC, this is the list of AUF Med. Tech. Board Passers:

  1. Ancheta, Ma Antonette Alexis De Jesus
  2. Aninang, Angela Dela Raya
  3. Baul Erlyn Rose Balatbat
  4. Besida, Myrna Gantan
  5. David, Alyanna Janine Villamil
  6. David, Claudine Sampang
  7. David, Tricia Kamille Pamintuan
  8. Manuel, Caitlin Joy Ramos
  9. Mercado, Kimberlyn Lacsamana
  10. Natividad, Justine Lorenzo Malig
  11. Nogoy, Princess May Angeles
  12. Ramos, Jayson Galope
  13. Salunga, Arianne Adriano
  14. Soliman, Lea Ocampo
  15. Valerio, Regine Victorio
School Performance Med. Tech. Boards
School Performance Med. Tech. Boards, Image credit: PRC

During the September 2013 Board Exams two AUF graduates, Sharah Lane Vino and Judea Gonzales, were among the Top 10 examinees, rank 4 and 6, respectively.

For the Top 10 Med. Tech Examinees, and complete list of board passers, click this link.

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