Elise and Phillip Duet: The Most Viewed American Idol 2012 Duet at YouTube

The duet of Elise Testone & Phillip Phillips of the song, “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Gotye at the Top 7 performance show is the most viewed duet for American Idol 2012. This can be seen with the number of hits the YouTube video got – 871,142 and counting.

The American Idol judges said it was an “amazing duet,” and they were right because of the thousands of hits the video got at YouTube.

Phillip and Elise
Image Credit: American Idol/Fox/YouTube

The other duets and their number of YouTube views to date are:

Jessica & Joshua (I Knew You Were Waiting For Me) = 697,180

Colton & Skylar (Islands in the Stream) = 231,470

Elise & Phillip (Stop Draggin my Heart) = 238,255

Skylar & Colton (Don’t You Wanna Stay) = 227,108

Hollie & DeAndre (I’m so Excited) = 123,421

Here is the duet of Elise and Phillip in this post.

Below is the duet of Skylar and Colton with “Islands in the Stream,” courtesy of American Idol and YouTube.

Skylar & Colton with “Islands in the Stream”

Video Credit: AmericanIdol.com/Fox/YouTube

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