Earn $200 Cold Cash: Write a Review about Dukeo Contest

I have learned about this $200 Review Contest at Dukeo.com earlier but it’s only now that I’m writing this review because I have had too much on my plate the past few days. I have, however, promised to write one, so here it is.

Stephane Kerwer is the owner of Dukeo. Since this post is not about him, I’ll just say that he’s a successful blogger who knows what he’s doing.

Visit his site Dukeo.com, to know what I mean. Before you do that, though, allow me to present my honest review of Dukeo. Here are the pros and cons of the site.




Dukeo is a user-friendly site. An online searcher could easily find the Most Popular Posts in its sidebar and the related posts after each article. There are no cluttered ads and useless images found anywhere in the site. Dukeo is so organized; you don’t need to skim through a mountain of posts before you reach your destination.

Rich content

It is a blogger’s haven, where a newbie blogger could read all he wanted to know in just one website. The posts are simply written, so any beginner could understand what he came looking for. There is even a complete guide for newbie bloggers entitled “How to Start a Blog: Complete Guide.”

If you are a pro-blogger, Dukeo is also a treasure-trove for you. You may want to readHow To Make Money Online Writing Book Reviews.”  There are still more interesting topics you would surely benefit from.

This is Dukeo’s major advantage- its content. I have still to see a website that has Dukeo’s content.


I have just one thing to say on this aspect. I find Dukeo’s theme a bit bland. Perhaps, because I don’t like the color gray. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me so much because I visit Dukeo to read its significantly helpful posts.


If you want to acquire a wealth of information about blogging, quickly and easily, visit Dukeo.com. You won’t regret it.

You might also want to join its amazing $200 Review Dukeo Contest. You have less than 48 hours to do it!

16 thoughts on “Earn $200 Cold Cash: Write a Review about Dukeo Contest”

  1. Thanks for this amazing review, Jena. I’ve heard of Dukeo but haven’t really taken the time to explore the site. And wow, this $200 contest sure is going to generate traffic to his site. I have a lot lined up to do today (I know it’s a Sunday, but well …), but I’ll make sure to drop by the site before the day ends to see if I can do my own review, too. 😀

  2. Dukeo is a great site! Ste is really quite helpful and knowledgeable. I first learned of his site through Blog Engage. He writes well and covers his subjects in sufficient depth to make the information really useful.

  3. I have heard so much about dukeo but have never got the chance to explore more. I see what you mean by the theme updates, but that’s okay. All of us need to work on the look of our blogs! Very well written!

  4. Been very inactive in blogging for quite a spell. I think I might visit Dukeo and maybe it may be able to revive the blogging zest. Sounds like a cool site, Jena.

  5. I’ve just started seeing a lot of posts from Dukeo showing up on Twitter & I wondered if he was writing most of them or if this was a site where people were submitting blogs and having the site promote them. There has been interesting content shared I’ll admit.

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