E-Shuttle to Replace Jeepneys Plying Main Roads in Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines – The e-Shuttle is set to replace Jeepneys, reportedly, plying the main roads in Metro Manila. This was revealed by local news this month of October 2013.

The e-shuttles (electric-powered shuttles- no more gas problems), also known as the COMETS (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport) could seat 16-20 passengers, runs on a no-cash system, and allows the passengers to stand or alight from their side doors. The COMETS are each equipped with a GPS, a CCTV camera and a WiFi. Passengers would use a loaded card to tap in and out of the COMET.

Global Electric Transport Ltd (GET) has introduced COMET to the country, together with local partners. Reportedly, GET plans to train more drivers and release more units in the future.

Are you looking forward to these new vehicles? Check back later for updates on the e-shuttles or COMETS.

Jeepney-Mike Hayden
The Jeepney, Image credit: Mike Hayden/Flickr

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