December, But Still Sweltering

The cold month of December is fast approaching but it is still hot and humid in the locality where I live.

This is probably because of global warming and the green house effect which we humans have created inadvertently; and of course I live in a tropical country.

In these humid atmosphere, a good and tried electric fan, ceiling fan or airdcondtioner is in order. One of these tried and tested ceiling fans are the “casablanca ceiling fans”.
and “Ellington celing fans”

They are durable with all accesories and spare parts available. Various ceiling and electric fans are also available and they could be adjusted depending on your specifications.

An airconditioner could burn a hole in one’s pocket and will greatly affect the household budget for the whole month;  so why don’t you shift to these less expensive but equally effective fans?

Fans are cheaper and are more affordable for middle income families.

Buying good ceiling fans and elecric fans however, should be done with care and caution. Be sure that you get your hard earned – money’s worth.

5 thoughts on “December, But Still Sweltering”

  1. Dear jena, these great fans look good and they contribute to an agreeable mood, while the hot weather lingers around…. Happy Blogging

  2. I installed ceiling fans in every room of our house and they are great. But we have little humidity. Hang in there, winter will be here before you know it.


  3. Hi Jena, That was one of the first honey do’s I had to DO when we moved in. It makes the house far cooler, and helps to circulate the air.


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