Breast Cancer: Its Predisposing Factors and Symptoms

Breast cancer is every woman’s night mare, especially those above 40 yrs of age. But do you know that men too can develop breast cancer? Yes they could; and sometimes because people are unaware of this, it is often untreated and leads eventually to death.

The early detection of breast cancer or cancer of any kind is a vital factor in its successful treatment. Although the exact cause of cancer has not yet been discovered, there are certain predisposing factors that have been observed to those who had developed the condition.

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These are the following factors:

1. People who have close kins who have had breast cancer are found out to be more prone to the disease.
2. Early menstrual period and women without children are more prone.
3. Women who have breastfed and are breastfeeding, are LESS prone.
4. As usual, constant use of alcohol, obesity and lack of exercise have negative repercussions, they increase the risk of the disease.
5. Birth control pills and drugs that cause hormonal changes, may slightly increase the risk of cancer.

How will you know if you have the disease?
Perform a breast examination yourself ( feeling for unusual lumps in your breast)
or better, have an annual visit to your doctor or as often as necessary.

So what are the symptoms? Below are some of these:
1. There maybe tenderness or unusual hardening of the nipples (sometimes they turn inwards).
2. Presence of lumps in the area ( but not all lumps are cancerous, so don’t panic. Have it examined immediately by a competent physician.)
3. Any changes in color, texture and appearance of the areola .
4. Any discharge or fluid coming from your nipple, especially if you’re not breastfeeding, should be considered abnormal until proven otherwise.

Remember that the early detection of the disease is CRUCIAL. Early detection will ensure a good prognosis.


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6 thoughts on “Breast Cancer: Its Predisposing Factors and Symptoms”

  1. Thanks for all the information and for spreading the word. Cancer is one of the scariest things in the world to me.

  2. Wannabee mom thanks for dropping by. The least that we can do to help is to create awareness of the disease.

    Happy blogging.

  3. I am so happy you followed the tag of Manilenya and hope that others will follow us.

    Thanks for mentioning my name here.

    Much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words of encouragement.

    Thanks for the information which I wish I had access to 6 years ago.

    About 2 weeks after my husband passed away due to a heart attack I was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst visiting my children in Northern Ireland.

    An emergency op probably saved my life and after years of treatment I am now filally cancer free.

    I urge all woman to take note of your article and act timeously at the slightest sympton


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