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They were in the school garden. She was 17; he was 18.

” You’re late,” she reprimanded him.

” Sorry, some last – minute chores.”

” Perhaps that red head detained you again.”

” Now, don’t start with that…”

” Why not? because it is true?. You were ogling at her.”

“What?” his eyes were round with concealed mirth and disbelief, “okay, enough of this childish jealousy, You know that’s not true.”

He held and kissed her. ” I love you and only you.”

The stars were back in her eyes.

Just then a male classmate passed by and twittered, “Hey Fiona, are you done with the group project?”

” Hi, Lex. No, not yet.”

“Come on, let’s finish it.”

” Go ahead,.. be there in a minute,” she smiled as Lex walked passed them.

“You were smiling so sweetly at him,” he intoned.


“You had a smile as wide as a welcoming arm…” he went on.

“Hey, I did not.”

“Yes you did.”

” Come on, you said let’s stop with this childishness.”

She tried to pull him close, but the school bell rang.

He said, “See you,” and left her staring at his retreating back.

Fiona did not see Tristan the whole day. It was apparent, he was still sulking.

Talk about the yellow devil rearing its head again. She too have been guilty of it by doubting him.

She called him up in the evening, unable to concentrate on her books.

” Hello honey, how are you?” she half whispered into her c.p.

” Well, I’m okay,” he replied, after some minutes of hesitation.

” I love you,” she said.


“I love you,” she repeated, louder this time.

” mmmm, I love you too… but you promise not to smile at Lex anymore?”

He realized the inanity of the request. “Okay, okay, you promise not to love anyone but me?” he persisted.

” You know the answer to that one. I love you and only you.”

There was a happy sigh at the other end of the line.

“Can I have a night cap with you, honey? I can’t sleep.”

“Come on over, ” she smiled.

And the night went on unfettered.

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Casey Quinn, we have recently opened a new short story Ezine at and thought you might be interested in it.

    We are new, so looking for some good quality short stories under 5,000 words for our next publication. This is no promise that anything would be published, but thought it would be worth extending the offer to submit!

    Thanks and hope to hear from you –
    Casey Quinn

  2. Hi Jenna,
    Are you hoping to make this part of a longer piece? I’d like to know a little bit more about the characters … if there’s a reason for their jealousy, for example. It’s a story with promise.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comment> You are kind. he he he…Actually no, I just wanted to show a certain scenario between lovers. But your idea is good. Thanks for the visit too.

  4. I will have to think more about writing a real short story about the same characters. Thanks for the suggestion.


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