Planning a Memorable Christmas Party

Christmas is fast approaching.  The cool air, the chilly mornings are now here.  Christmas will always be one of those memorable times in our lives when we get to celebrate reunions with family and friends.
This is also the time for forgiveness, love, and gift-giving and of course, partying till the wee hours of dawn. We tend to forget Christmas parties however, because they may be boring and unexciting.

If you are planning to host a Christmas party, then you must make it memorable for all the participants. How could this be done?

These are several ways to make your party apart from all the rest:

1.      Let everyone participate.

If you take active participation in an activity, you would not forget it. Encourage everyone to dance, take part in the games, sing, etc. But do not force anyone who does not want to participate.

Ask for volunteers. There are many people who are naturally shy and would rather stay in the background. Don’t force them to, because this will only stress them out. Next time you invite them, they would no longer want to attend.

Instead, be creative and think of some activity that these shy people could participate in without being too conspicuous. An example could be singing in their seats and not needing to stand up and go up the stage; or letting them direct the participants; or let them act as judges in the contests.

There are various party activities that you could devise to be able to allow everyone to participate. Be original in your ideas. If you adapt an old concept, then spice it up!

2. Send them home with an individualized memento.

It need not be expensive. Prepare tiny figurines of angels and the like, and mark them with your guests’ names. You must have a handy name marker for those unexpected guests.

If you have the financial capability, then by all means, buy something more expensive. This will all depend upon your finances.

A gift would surely make them remember your Christmas party.

3. Prepare an unusual dish.

Serve them a dish they had never tasted before, or something they don’t usually eat often. Perhaps a savory eel soup, a tasty Shanghai noodle, and many other exquisite and foreign dishes. Your cook could help you out with this dilemma.

4. Invite a guest who would be welcomed warmly by your guests.

You could invite the local basketball idol, or the poet/writer living within your locality; the mayor, your boss, Santa Claus. If you can afford it, then invite Nicole Kidman she should be someone that the majority of your guests want to meet.

5. Let everyone feel special.

People would never forget the day they have accepted an accolade. There will always be something positive in everyone. Focus on this and make it a special feature of the party.

This maybe done by giving out small awards, like Best dressed of the evening, Man of the night, Most Amiable, etc.

There are still other ways to make your Christmas party memorable. This will depend largely on the type of guests you would be expecting and on the financial budget you are willing to allocate. Don’t let your lack of imagination limit the numerous ways on how to make your party the talk of the town until the next Christmas party.

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