7 Effective Ways to Save Money on Christmas Wrappers

A few more weeks and Christmas would be here once again. Mornings are cold and people are starting to buy Christmas decors and presents. If you want to save money on Christmas wrappers, then use old ones.

You have now to buy those gifts and start wrapping them. In these dire financial times, you need to save every cent that you can. One way of doing this is to save money on Christmas wrapping papers. The following are some ways to do this:

1. Re-use old ones.

What better way to save money than using old ones?

A little wrinkle could be remedied by attaching old ribbons. Search for those old wrappers and recycle them. If they are so crumpled, you could cut them into pieces and create a wrapper – mosaic. With the help of some imagination, you can come up with uniquely
wrapped gifts.

2. Color some old paper bags.

You could search in your drawers for those old paper bags and paint them with left-over paints, or color them with vibrant shades. Give an extra touch by cutting some old ribbons to tie them with.

3. Buy gifts that are already in Christmas boxes/bags.

Most small gifts come in colorful gift boxes. Shop around for these gift items. This way, you don’t have to wrap them as they are already “gift-ready”.

4. Cheaper by the dozen.

Agree with family members or your office mates that you’ll be responsible in buying the gift wrappers. They’ll get it from you at the same retail price, and save them an extra trip to the store.

5. Old boxes could be re-decorated.

Those small used boxes could be adorned with old Christmas cards and made used of as Christmas gift boxes. All you need is a pair of scissors and some glue.

6. Sew those rags into beautiful Christmas bags.

Do you have old clothes or rags lying around your house? Cut them into triangles or squares and sew them into small bags for your gifts. This also makes them more personalized. You could stitch the nick name of the person at the upper portion. There is no need to buy new materials. Just use your old clothes and your sewing box.

7. Give them unwrapped.

There are certain gifts that could be given unwrapped, like wine, utensils, books, etc. Just tie a small ribbon around it and that’s it! Simplicity is beauty so they say.

Whatever you decide to do from the above-mentioned; you must remember that it is still your sincerity that counts, not the price of the gift, nor the Christmas wrapper. This sincerity is sometimes shown by the personal touch you put in the gift. Show this touch by these suggestions and save on Christmas wrappers too!

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