A Tribute to a Doctor, a Poet, a Blogger and a Friend

Time flies quickly. It was only a year ago when he made his presence known online through questions like, Zorlone Do women get attracted (more) to men with a “BAD BOY” image?

He started his online career by participating in an online forum – MyLot. His questions were funny and witty, and his answers were informative and concise.

It was his short verse:

I write as I think, but I think differently.

I say how I feel, but my thoughts betray me.

I live as I learn form all the things i see.

And I write once again, because I love it.

that made me realize he had more to offer. He moved on to contribute to Helium.com , a writing site, with his varied articles like poems, songs , and health topics. Then he published his first poem online through Gewgaw Writings with – “A Zany Cinquain from Zorlone.”

Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino
Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino

The embers of his passion for writing was gradually turning into a conflagration that was difficult to extinguish , prompting him to create his firs blog at blogspot.com – Zorlone.

Slowly his star started to shine. He was a fast learner and in no time at all, he had learned the intricate ways of blogging to go on and win several contests with his award Reader’s Choice Award and Best Storyteller for his story My blog reconnected me to my lost son.

Readers began to troop to his blog. This post had more or less 90 comments.

He is also a consistent winner of the WOOF contest held by Plotdog.com

And was ranked 4 during the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

He got his own site now Zorlone: A Dose of Creative Writing, and got published too in the Inspirational Stories of Bloggers from all Over the World .

He had also his seconds of fame in the boob tube by being the resident Doctor for Channel 2’s primetime TV show – PBB -PINOY BIG BROTHER

He continues to be an inspiration to others, a good doctor, a prolific poet, an uber blogger and a wonderful friend- that’s Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino, for you  AND Doc Zorlone to his online friends.

Rank 4 - Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009- Courtesy of Ada Lajara
Rank 4 - Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009- Courtesy of Ada Lajara

He now has to turn a new chapter in his book of life. Doc Zorlone, we pray for your success , well being and happiness.

We will miss you for sure, but we know, this chapter has to be written!

Paint the sky with your poetry in your soon to be new IP address. lol.

We are just a post away!

76 thoughts on “A Tribute to a Doctor, a Poet, a Blogger and a Friend”

  1. I find it intriguing to read his tips on how to catch a cheating wife (I found that when I was digging at one of your older links in this post).

    He’s really a stunning combination of raw creative writing talent plus his skills as a doctor. He paints his words awesomely! I’m even more impressed at seeing him get the admiration of other professional writers.

    I didn’t even think I’d be meeting this good doctor in person before he’s off to Micronesia. I did enjoy the blogger meetup that we all had – it was such a refreshing break from the pressure of freelancing and parenting.

    • Hi Gem,

      It was a dip in the pool, indeed. You’re right about the “stunning combination” . It’s a charm he has. I’m certain that he would be a smashing success in that island somewhere in the Pacific , lol. It was a pleasure meeting you too.

    • That was a very beautiful and heart-melting comment, Gem.

      Our blogger meet up at Pampanga would always be one of my most memorable ones because I was surrounded by cool blogger friends and by my cyberspace family.


    • Oh yeah Roy… First thing on my itinerary is to find internet connection and a sim card.

      It would be most difficult to just stay away from the internet, after all, that is where I found all of you.


  2. The blog post title lacks one word: son.

    He’s your son, remember? Well, no need to articulate what your heart whispers every waking day, Jen.

    Lo is the young brother I never have. By some twist of fate that makes us family now, doesn’t it?

    Lo, the world will not exactly stand still when you leave. We’d all be still here, taking up once again the minutia of our daily existence once your plane takes you to that strange land.

    But dreariness I’m afraid will cast a long shadow in the coming days. Hah! We’re made of sterner stuff though. We’d be happy for you and we’d hold the fort till your return.

    All the best for you, bro.

  3. Can’t wait to see what the good doctor will upload online when he’ll be in that dial-up place.

    Will surely miss the times he spends with us, despite of his busy skeds.

    God you bless brother.

  4. Roy,

    He he he..oo nga, I forgot to mention that, but let it appear in the comments’ section – the in-house blogger doctor. Di ko pa pala na mention ang PBB doctor…

    Doc Z, thanks sa free PF ha every consultation…

  5. Hi Jan,

    Yeah, a loving son, napakabait na anak. Well, siyempre kung minsan nang-gu good time din, sino ba ang hindi? pero, he’s one of a kind- a truly caring and wonderful son.

    You’re right, we’re one big family and we’ll terribly miss him.

  6. Oh, Z, just get that Internet hooked up FAST, okay? I’ll miss you until you do. Having ALWAYS lived halfway around the world from you and never having met you face to face, the connection won’t seem as broken here – so long as they do have Internet where you’re going!! (You did ask THAT, I hope!?)



  7. Hey Doc, two years flies really fast especially when you’re drunk.:) Since we’ll sure gonna miss you for those times that you’ll be spending with the beach babes in Micronesia, we will continue ordering those beers for you and have Roel drink them. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Keep in touch!

    • He he he, you’re quite a guy really Bonnie. You rarely open your mouth but when you do, the roof caves in….lol

      I think they do have beer there too, but in coconut shells….ha ha ha…

      Thanks for wishing the good Doctor, God speed.

    • Oy Bonnie,

      I would like that to happen, for the years to fly by and for the drunken state that I'll be in. LOL. Their drink is called "sakau" a form of kava-like drink. It is from a pepper plant, where its roots are pounded and form an earthy tasting drink that inspires both myth and magic. I am hearing drums thumping already man!

      Don't worry, every toast I'll make would be in honor to the jedi and influenza-bloggers who taught me to drink until I fall asleep.


      PS. Roel can have all my share in our future beer drinking sessions.

  8. And where is the good doctor going, may I ask? I was hoping to get him recruited to come to the U.S. Alas, I’m late. In this day and age where internet use is worldwide, there’s no reason not to have access and be connected. If not, I would be wary.

    Best wishes, doc. Z.

    • Hi Tasha,

      He will be off to some Island abroad. Well, eventually he’ll come there and I know, lots of people would welcome him warmly: You, Holly, Heather, Connie, Justin and many more.

    • Manang Tasha,

      Wen, I would love to go there too! For work or holidays or anything. ehehe. I just need to do this and start to step on the stones of my destiny. My online friends have been most helpful and I will certainly miss them when I leave, but, leaving wont mean complete absence online.

      This brings me back memories of the days when you and Jena are the only people commenting on my blog, now there are more familiar faces.

      It's just sad that on my first year of blogging, I am in a foreign country working my b*tt off. 🙂


    • Hi Elmot,

      Basta, next time dapat andun ka na, ha. Bakit di ka ba iiyak pag alis niya…he he he..

      Baka nga magsayaw rin siya ng ganun. you can never tell with the daring doc. lol

      • Tagalugin ko na lang ito. Dyahe eh. Ako naiyak ako kasi I thought sa isang araw pa alis ni Lo. At di ko siya mahagilap sa Twitter at sa text. Nataranta ako nung nagtext ka, Jen. But I'm happy for him and praying for his safety and success.
        @Bonnie: Staying drunk makes two yearsfly fast. Funny. Could be true. I only wish it doesn't make me too sentimental. Drinking does that to me. Ahahaha.

    • Elmot, I don't know about the crying girls, I have a feeling you might hire the crying ladies at funerals. But, the dancing in grass skirts, now that's a sight for sore eyes.


      • Oo nga, Jan, ang bilis ng mga pangyayari nga…he he he.But don't worry mabilis din ang 2 taon..di ba Doc Z? Isang kisap mata lang welcome party mo na naman, So Mindoro na iyon…he he he…

  9. Good luck on your new assignment Doc Z! New adventures and more inspiration for your scifi tales and of course, your poetry. Wala nang LRT poems in the near future? :p

    God Bless and good luck!

  10. Jena, what a wonderful post and tribute to a one of a kind man! Doc Z is talented and classy. And I don't just throw the big "t" out there. I'm pretty picky.

    I love the short verse you posted up there. It would be a great book opener, don't you think? And I think it will be someday.

    Zorlone, I wish you luck in your move and with your new endeavors. I know you will succeed in whatever you do. I can't wait to read the new writings that your new life inspires. And please, please publish a poetry book someday so I can put it up on the shelf with my growing collection!

    • HI Heather,

      he he he, you're a fan too, I can't believe it..he he he…kidding…One of the dreams is to publish a poetry book. There will be one, it's just a matter of time.

    • Heather,

      Thank you for the humbling words, I am really honored. I am in the process of choosing the poems for the book I will work with Jena, Holly, and the rest of the power fifty. Feel free to throw in your favorite so I could add it in the list.


  11. Doc Z or Kuya Z is indeed a great man. He's the one who introduced me to the group of Jedi Bloggers personally last Top 10 Emerging Influential bloggers eyeball event.

    I hope you'll never quit writing. More powers to you Kuya Z!!! 😀

    • Thank you Kelv,

      When I saw the picture of that Guitar, I told myself that I should write a poem about it, and I did. You too were instrumental to my poetry writing. Great pics as always. You'll teach me one day, right bro?


  12. Doc,

    Maikli pa lang pinagsamahan natin, pero pakiramdam ko ka-close mo na ako. hehe. May ganun kang personality. Kaya mong maipa-feel sa iba na welcome sila sa space mo.

    Anyways, good luck on your life endeavors. (Wow, san ba nanggaling yun?)

    Hehe, hindi pa naman ito good bye di ba?

    Wish you the best!

  13. doc Z. ^^ happy trip poh. 😀
    take care always.

    we had fun at ur despedida. 🙂
    see u soon po. if ever. hahah.

    God Bless. 😀

  14. hello doc z!
    I feel so sorry for myself for not being able to attend your despedida. Haha. If only I was there, I would probably be singing throughout the day! ha ha ha! Have a safe trip! I'll be praying for you! Good luck and God bless you doc Z! 🙂

    See you on your "welcome-home" party. 🙂

  15. Thanks , Doc Z for the replies. You're there na, and we're here, miles away from each other, but what the h_ck, we have the internet and there's no reason for us not to keep in connected. Hello there!

  16. Jena is really a selfless, supportive blogger friend. As I was asking her which post is her favorite in her blog she told me this one, which is her tribute to another talented blogger, Zorlone. 🙂 I applaud your spirit in sharing, Jena. Big hugs to you!

    Zorlone has always appeared to me as talented and outspoken, but still very humble. Amazing just how much he had achieved over the years. He's a doctor? I have no idea.. And the post about his lost son, moved me to tears…

    You're going to have a greater life ahead, Zorlone. Have faith and don't stop inspire with your words. Amazing poet and blogger.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hello Ching,

      Thanks for those kind words. You're always helpful yourself. I admire how you try to give the best information in your posts.You're such a blessing to the blogosphere. And what I want most is your sincerity. I know the good Doctor will succeed in all his undertakings. We'll all be praying for him. All the best too in your future endeavors

  17. @Aiko: Hay naku, bawi ka sa pagbabalik ni Doc Z ha? Love your singing voice. Para I'd have somebody to point to pag pinilit nila akong kumanta. Ganun eh noh? Tagasambot. Good luck on your career, Aiko.

  18. ayun.. nandito pala sa ibaba ang comment section… hindi ako nakapag-comment nung una eh dahil hindi po nagload ang comment box.. wahehee… anyway.. nice meeting me in pampanga mam jena! it was fun chatting and singing with you and sir roy and his kids, and paige and gem… it's a wonderful rare experience na makalabas ako ng manila to meet someone.. so talagang extra special ito.. feeling ko nga meron na kaung pulang tuldok sa noo nung nakita ko kayo ni sir roy.. (siopao mode) wahehehhe… again… i really enjoyed pampanga!


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