Serendipity and Writing to Exhale


I have dug a cache of precious gems in this goldmine of a blog.  I am attesting to the fact that the articles are undoubtedly unparalleled.   This man is the writer I have sought far and wide in the blogosphere.

The Role of Serendipity

I was commenting on Roy’s blog when I read his comment and got impressed, so I visited his blog.  I could not help but raid his archives because I had gobbled up his newest post and still I wanted to read more.  I practically put up camp in his blog so I could continue reading ALL of his posts even into the wee hours of dawn.  I was utterly awed by his style, his language, his aphorisms, his effusiveness, and his witty one =liners and had savored every single sentence of his posts.  Right then and there, I became an avid fan.

I left my first comment in his guest post at Jaypee Habaradas Blog: Jaypee Online:   How to: 10 Ways To Bring Sexy Back To Your Blog .  I did not comment though in all of his posts because I was thinking, he might not respond.   But he replied to my comment   and it made me very happy. This was when his blog was still “Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong.” I was like a fan having a first, personal encounter with my Superstar.

Jan Geronimo
Jan Geronimo

Here are some of  the articles in his archive. They may be “old”,  but  are thought provoking.   I have read them twice, thrice and even four times:

1. 10 Reasons Why My Father Could Have Been an Uber Blogger

2. The Lost Art of Being Silly

3. The Man Behind The Blog

A New Domain Name

Then he won his own domain and named it “Writing to Exhale”.  Slowly, he really began to notice me.  Imagine!  – I – who had been cool and unruffled at work,  swooning now like a hopeless fanatic every time he responded lengthily to my comments. He was an engaging conversationalist and made all his commentators “feel at home”.   After a hard day’s work, I usually proceeded straight to his blog to relax and to feed my mind and soul.

These are some of his posts in this domain: Writing to Exhale.

1. 10 Traits of a Die Hard Blogger

2.  My Philosophy in a Bottle of Ketchup – a favorite of my wards.

3. 27 Reasons Why Jena Isle’s Inspirational Book Rocks

A Talent That Should be Shared

He is very generous and helpful too and could be counted on, without you asking for it.  I am talking about no less than Mr. Ultimate Writer himself – JAN GERONIMO!

Jan, keep on writing. As we both have advised Rey Jr. about his singing talent, that he should share this with other people; you should also share your writing acumen with more people, through your articles.  The blogosphere needs to read a Jan Geronimo to really appreciate writing.

I mean every word I said in this post.  You know me; if I have nothing good to say, then I’ll just remain silent.  I rest my case!

56 thoughts on “Serendipity and Writing to Exhale”

  1. i have been following jan’s blog entries since he started blogging last january of this year… i can still remember i was his blog top commentator for three consecutive months… i am really active as a blogger when january to march months are in.. and then slows down through the rest of the year.. hehehe. so yeah.. i can say that jan has really grown into a blogging superstar in his genre! im such a proud father! lols! because i’ve seen his blog grow into a website! aaaww!

    • Hello Yatot,

      Yeah, I heard that from Jan. He takes every opportunity to recognize and acknowledge you as “The Great One” who had “introduced” him to blogging. Thanks for supporting and encouraging him. We might never have met him if it weren’t for good people like you. Mabuhay ka!

    • I miss those days, Yatot. You’ve stayed with me all this time. That’s why our blog meet up was very special. You’ve made it so – finally meeting the man who kept me company in the initial months of uncertainty.

  2. What can I say Jen, but limit myself to agreeing with you. The Man is really the man. I will not tell you the story on how I landed on his “salabasngmandaluyong” (man, where did he ever get this name, lol) but one thing did happen. I made a comment and he immediately replied to it. Our niche are different and yet he makes it easy to blend with almost any topic. I also had the chance to guest post on his blog and that introduced me to you and other online buds that I now have. Can’t beat that… learn from his blogging, introduce you to awesome friends, etc… BTW, we are the P50 co-founders, lol… Need I say more?

    Great initiative Jen. Maybe I’ll have the chance to being one of your “chosen” ones too, lol (Just Kidding)

    • Hello DiTesco,

      How did you know I was planning to do that? You’re a mind reader, now I won’t be able to continue.

      Yes, when I was reading his archives, I already came across your name way back 2008, he he he..that old…you’re one of the core members in Jan’s blog. I know you’ve been supportive of him too.

      Even at Power50, you’re a very generous and helpful person. How could I ever forget you and Jan, are the founders of the Power50 group? Bravo!

    • @Ditesco: I was pressured to come up with something. I was at my wits end so I settled with that. Very descriptive eh? Didn’t know it was supposed to be short and sweet… Yeah, isn’t it strange? You’re the only internet marketer I’ve full trust in. And that’s not a joke at all. My BS radar goes haywire in the company of internet marketer. But you’re no garden variety IM so it doesn’t puzzle me anymore. 🙂

      • OMG, I’m the only IM you trust? This is the best “Online Recognition” I have ever received. Thanks Jan, I am going to find a way to show this off, Woohooooo!! Jumping up and down, and left, and right, moon walking, pause… OH Yeah… Samba time, lol

  3. Ooooh! Aaaah! Look at those pretty lights and letters all pointing to out good friend who came out of Mandaluyong just so he could write to exhale.

    he he he. Pretty cool post Jen and an awesome tribute to out dear friend Jan. Looks like Christmas came early and he already got his gift from you. 😉

    I remember when I first got an e-mail about form you so like an obedient son, I hopped and read a post. Ahh, the sexy back post, he he, or I might be wrong, well anyway the post was superb and what was more interesting was the comments. I read about a hundred comments or more, maybe a thousand (okay, you got me, just kidding) but it was around thirty something, maybe more, defintely a first for me, I thought, this guy must really write well. I was a newbie blogger (still) back then and I wanted to learn from this master Jan Geronimo.

    So, I left a comment, he replied, then I replied again. I was hooked, got engaged and kept coming back. He was and still is an uber blogger.

    Merry Christmas Jan!!! 😉


    • My comments are about to surpass 6k, Doc Z. Maybe it should have already reached that mark had I not lost the hundreds of comments when I transferred to WP.

      But that’s not the milestone in my blogging as you know. It’s finding people like you and Jen and Roy and Yatot and Holly. Gosh, you’re so many. Now, we’ve got new friends – thanks to Ditesco. We’re a growing family.

      Initially, I was very amused and perplexed at the same time when we traded comments. I was very flattered at the attention, but later on got me thinking, “Now what?! Is this a pissing contest? See who can squeeze the last words/reply in?”

      That, Doc Z, was just a passing thought. I promptly discarded it because of the quality of your comments. 🙂

  4. Hi Doc Z,

    The dutiful son, indeed. If I remember those struggling days, I can’t help but smile.

    You developed a great friendship with Jan, even before I did. It was admirable, and you kept pulling me in with the group. he he he..until,he finally noticed me. he he he…

    Have you read about what he said when you first commented on his blog? Nakakatuwa.

    I agree, he is and always will be an Uber Blogger.

    • Jen: Doc Z kept pulling you in my line of sight? Really? Buti di ka nagtampo sa akin kasi I’ve taken an instant liking to your son? LOL.

      It’s all very dim to me right now. Why was my reply amusing? I’m a little worried now. Ahahahaha

      • Why should I? That was really my purpose, Jan. For you to be a blogging mentor and friend to him as he was still a newbie. That was why I emailed him about you, in the first place. He needed all the support then, and as I have assumed right, you were and always be a wonderful mentor. But look at him now, he should be the one mentoring me about poetry, aside from our good friend – Holly.

        Yes, di mo ako pinapansin noon, he he he…(You didn’t notice me immediately.)But, okay lang. I was certain you would eventually.

    • She’s sweet, Jen is. But you should have seen her when we were campaigning in a local contest called Influential Blogs of 2009. She’s tireless, very creative in confounding the opposition and making us go the extra mile to ensure we figure in the winners circle. She showed more energy and spunk than us who were in the running. LOL

      • Oh, Heather, Jan was the Number 1 Influential blogger for 2009. Imagine that! and how he so deserves the award. He’s the best in my dictionary and in many more others’ list. And I have come across thousands of blogs since I had started blogging.

    • @Roy, Just the other night, this story. Jen went deep into my archives. She tweeted a post. Rey picked it up and RTed it. Funny thing was Rey thought it was a new post. That’s why I RTed it, he said.

      Well this afternoon, I inspected Elmot’s blog and retweeted an old post. Elmot was surprised.

  5. Jen, I’m getting old already. You’re all whispering behind my back and I hardly noticed. I must fire Google Alerts. It’s not working!

    Jen, thanks a lot. It feels like Christmas already. Doc Z is right! Ahehehe.

    Isn’t that ironic! It’s you who discovered me first. Then you emailed Doc Z. Then he visited and left comments. And strangely enough, I hit it off right away with Doc Z, instead of you. Hays…. I blame Doc Z’s green avatar.

    I hear what you’ve not said here, Jen. Okay, back to writing again. I’d have one before the weekend is over. Promise, Jen. 🙂

  6. He he he, you’ve finally found your way here, Jan. Yeah, I did find it ironic at that time, but hey it’s okay, anak ko naman iyan; and you’re the older brother…ooops, okay, not older- brother na lang.

    I look forward to your post, Way to go!

      • Wali, iyong sisig dito lumalamig, kasi ayaw kong tumanda…kaya….he he he..


        Younger brother, the sisig( meat dish composed of pork skin,cheeks,brains,liver…he he he) is getting cold now. It’s because I don’t want to grow old (I meant -physically-sagging skin and all that).

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jen. I was drawn to Jan’s warmth and generosity, which were first drawn to my attention by his commitment always to respond to comments (I wish I could claim to do the same, but I must admit that I am not as diligent about it as Jan). When I read the post “The Lost Art of Being Silly,” I was hooked. We became “blogging buddies.” And then, sneaky thing that he is, he nudged and encouraged me to get to know his friends, and I guess most of you know where THAT’s led (probably to your chagrin). 🙂

    • Yes, I do remember. When I first read your comment at Jan’s blog, I was wary, and skeptical, wondering who you were. he he he…I thought you were “aloof” to other “friends”, but of course I was proven wrong. Inside that straightforward personality is a wonderful and sincere soul.

      Thanks, to Jan, we’ve met you.

    • @Holly: Truth to tell, during the initial months I was worried because your candor might rub some of my friends the wrong way. If I could only shield them from your candid comments. LOL. I was wrong – my friends can’t resist your charm, after all.

      One of my friends even told me in one contentious issue: You’re like an American. You’re like your friend Holly. It meant I’m becoming too forward with my opinions.

      Well, it wasn’t brought up again. Perhaps it was just a plea for me to be more tactful.

      • @Jan, I remember that, as well. I know I had you and elmot a little scared at first. But there is never any meanness (maybe a little mischief) in my candor. I just think life’s too short to spend it beating around the bush. I try to be tactful, but honest. Honest, but not cruel. Now and then, I’ll meet fire with fire. 😉

        @Jena, me, aloof?? Never. A little introverted, sometimes (yea, I know, some of you find that hard to believe – but it’s true). A little hesitant at times. With you, I cannot help but think it was my respect for you – coupled with a fear of putting you off with that “candor” Jan speaks of – that you must have seen as aloofness. I didn’t want to scare you off! Well, no danger of that now, I think! 🙂

        • @Holly, that’s a revelation. (winks). But I agree, your candor was never coupled with meanness,(naughty-at times ) and when I got your drift, I became certain, you were a good person..Kudos to you.

  8. Jan, I noticed that you haven’t written any new post for quite some time now. Everyday I come back to your blog, seeing no new post. I wonder why, because you have been active naman sa PG50.

    Is it because of SEO? Twitter? I don’t know. I am not that good in blogging. Before, I feel like quitting blogging because I can’t make my Page Rank any higher. But finding friends online kept me inspired. I put SEO and PR to trash, and I continue to blog because I wanted to share my life with my online friends.

    Jan, hope you keep me inspired – by not committing blogicide 😀

  9. He he he…Madz, you’re an avant-garde of new words…blogicide huh….this is the first time I’ve heard of this word..or is it in Jan’s blog?

    You’re a true blogger then, “I blog because of my friends” . I like that.

  10. Hi Ms Jena! First off, Thanks for the mention and the link. You have both been very supportive of everything I put on my blog and I am truly truly grateful for that.

    Lolo Jan is truly remarkable in the sense that he makes you feel important to him – like your success is his. I am amazed not only of his writing but also of his undeniable rapport with his readers (including us).

    • Very well said Rey. That’s what he has -rapport-with his readers, aside from superb posts. That’s why his readers keep coming back for more.

      The MDG song goes this way,”Kung may pagkakataong tumulong, huwag palampasin.” (if you’re given the chance to help someone, grab it.)

      We help ourselves by helping others. Rule of Karma, Rey.

      Good luck with your singing vlog…he he he..eagerly waiting for it…he he he.

  11. You have me very intrigued Jena, now I have no choice but to pay Roy’s blog a visit. Having said that Writing to Exhale sounds very familiar. I’m actually pretty sure I’ve been there quite recently.

  12. Amazing to hear the story how one great blogger meets another. I wasn’t surprise to see Jan’s name popped up as he’s always been generous and kind to share/comment/RT posts for others. I knew Jan from DiTesco’s (another kind & talented blogger) site if not mistaken, Jan’s site is full of mind blowing posts, I was impressed how he writes so well!

    Actually P50 is full of good writers. Jena, Zorlone, Heather, Holly & so much more. Rey sings? Multi-talented group it is. 🙂 Blessed to know all of you.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hello Ching,

      At last you’re here….lol….thanks for including me in the line up. Coming from you makes it more meaningful. You’re a good writer yourself, and a very organized one too.

      We’re happy too , to have you in the group. God bless.


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