2014 FIFA World Cup: Chile vs Australia; Reactions, Scoring Summary; Chile Wins 3-1

The 2014 FIFA World Cup features Chile vs Australia. Chile won, 3 – 1. Chile will compete against Spain on Wednesday, June 18, 2014.

The lineup of players for Chile is: Diaz, Bravo, Isla, Jara, Medel, Mena, Vidal (Gutierrez 60′), Sanchez, Aranguiz, Valdivia (Beausejour 68′), Beausejour 90+2′, Vargas (Pinilla 84′), with Sanchez 12′, Valdivia 14′, scoring goals.

Chile_vs_Australia -scoring
Chile_vs_Australia -scoring, Image credit: FIFA.com

The lineup of players for Australia is: Davidson, Jedinak, Ryan, Spiranovic, Wilkinson, Bresciano (Troisi 81′), Franjic (McGowan 49′), Milligan, Leckie, Oar (Halloran 69′), Cahill. Cahill scored 35′ for the team.

Tweeps reacted on Twitter with jubilation; it was a surprising win for Chile for many of them, and the best opening game.

Alex Sanchez was the player to beat in the World Cup, Chile vs Australia game.

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