How to Protect a Dog Kennel from the Cold

Most people would agree that dogs are man’s best friends. That is why they deserve the best treatment you can give to friends. Some people allow their dogs inside the house during winter but most would keep their dogs in kennels. These dog kennels, however, should be protected from the cold. You can do these by following these simple steps.


Dogs kennels


Use dog house heating devices

You can install a safe heating device in the kennel. There are heating devices that are made especially for dog kennels. You could turn them on and off, if needed. They also come in various sizes and type. If you use these heaters, you should cover the entrance and any opening to prevent entry of cold air. Make sure, though, that your dog has appropriate ventilation. The kennel should also be raised at least three to five inches from the ground to avoid moisture coming from the ground.

Buy your dog a jacket or warm blankets

Dogs could wear jackets too, just like you. This would keep him warm and comfortable. Aside from the jacket, you could also place layer of blankets on the floor for him to snuggle into when he gets cold. There are various types of jackets for different temperatures. Remember to take off the jacket when the temperature gets warmer. You could also allow the dog to exercise wearing his jacket, whenever it is possible.

Use a heated dog bed

Using heated dog beds is another excellent way to keep your dog kennel safe and warm. It would also ensure that your dog is comfortable and cozy while sleeping. Ensure that you dry clean the bed regularly so that ticks and insects would not thrive in its folds. You could also make use of straws as a dog bed. Pile them neatly into a soft comfortable layer that your dog could sleep in.

Increase your dog’s body activities

When your dog is physically active, he is kept warm because the increased metabolism of his body produces heat, which could warm the body. You could walk with your dog in the park when it is not so cold, so his physiologic functions would remain balanced.

These are some methods to protect a dog and a dog kennel from harsh cold temperatures. Keep in mind that dogs are like human beings that should be treated with tender, loving, care. In the end, these dogs would, in turn, protect you against harmful strangers and intruders.

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