The Brain; Can a Healthy Train of Thought Slow Aging?

Studies about the brain showed that optimistic thoughts could help make a person less predisposed to illnesses. This indicates that healthy thoughts could, therefore, slow aging because your body stays stronger, more fit and trim. The brain is the center of the Central Nervous System, and has the power to mobilize your body to function as it should.

How to Slow Aging

How could optimism slow aging?

As you age, it is natural that cognitive impairment occurs gradually. The ability of your brain slows down too. The body responds more slowly to nerve impulses because the physiologic functions of the body have decreased.

However, you can slow down aging by thinking of healthy and happy thoughts. When you do this, the neurons transmit these happy thoughts all throughout your body, and the different organs respond accordingly. Your respiration is more regular, allowing relaxed respiration. Your pulse rate and blood circulation stays normal, thereby maintaining appropriate blood pressure. Your muscles relax too preventing conditions caused by anxiety and stress.

Your pleasant thoughts could also prevent acid-base imbalances caused by hyperventilation secondary to anxiety and stress. These anxiety and stress are caused by a pessimistic attitude. When you are tense, hyper-acidity also occurs because of nervousness.

As all of these occur, you tend to age more quickly due to the abnormal responses of your organs and cells. The opposite occurs when you think of healthy thoughts; your normal body functions are enhanced, including your mental powers.

The mind is a powerful tool you can use in any endeavor you would like to embark on.

If you have conquered your fears and negativity, you have already won half of the battle.

For you to think positively, though, you have to observe healthy practices, such as eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, hydrating yourself sufficiently, getting sufficient sleep, and avoiding drugs and alcohol. Once your body and mind are healthy, you could introduce healthy and positive thoughts into your mind more easily.

A healthy and fit body would then slow aging because the cells are rejuvenated often leading to wellness. When body cells are properly nourished, they live longer, preventing slow aging. Bear in mind, though, that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body.

Think positively and your body would also respond positively. In the end, it is how you think that would greatly influence how your body responds. A mind that is happy would slow aging by several milliseconds, so, clear the clutter from your mind and be optimistic at all times.

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