X Factor USA Results Show, November 22, Double Elimination of Contestants, Who Would Go Home Tonight? Arin Ray, Beatrice Miller Go Home

The X Factor USA Results Show is tonight, Thursday, November 22, 2012, with another double elimination of the Top 10 contestants as the show proceeds to the Grand Finale. Cher Lloyd is the guest star with her song “Oath.” Who would go home tonight?

The reactions and comments of the judges during the performance show on Wednesday, November 21, were mostly positive.

Paige Thomas became emotional in singing “Everytime” and the judges acknowledged that she was good but she was pitchy in some portions.

Diamond White, 13, dedicated her song, “Because You Love Me”, to her mom. L.A. Reid said: “We are gonna be hearing your name for many, many years.”  Even Simon Cowell said he, believed every single word of the lyric, adding “It was amazing!” Demi Lovato because of Diamond’s performance.

Top 10 X Factor USA contestants
Top 10 X Factor USA contestants, Image credit: XFactorUSA.com

Cece Frey dedicated her song “Wind Beneath My Wings,” to her sister. L.A. Reid said “You are a champion.” Britney Spears said “You are amazing.” Simon Cowell, “I really like you.” Demi praised her too. During the previous X Factor USA shows, Cece was mostly “criticized” by the judges, but they went easier on her this week.

Emblem 3 sang “Secrets”, which they dedicated to Youth and Spiritual Leaders. Britney, Demi and Simon praised their performance but L.A. Reid said they lack emotion.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, 13, performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which she dedicated to her older brother. Simon Cowell said “You are the best alien I’ve ever heard sing in my life…that was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard.” The rest of the X Factor USA judges heaped praises on her too. L.A Reid said “You’re a force of nature.”

Fifth Harmony thanked God for their blessings, and sang “I’ll Stand By You.” L.A. Reid “That was great!” Britney Spears: “That was touching.” Simon Cowell: “I was crazy about the song. I am crazy about the performance.”

Tate Stevens sang “I’m Already There,” which he dedicated to his dad. Britney Spears said L.A. Reid was doing a good job. Simon Cowell, “I absolutely love the song, love the story about you and your dad.” L.A. Reid: “You sing with a lot of confidence and America loves you.” Tate Stevens was ranked No. 1 during the two previous weeks.

Arin Ray dedicated his song, “Hero”, to his brother who took care of him when his parents got divorced. L.A. Reid “I still don’t think you gave me a $5 million dollar performance.” The judges, except Britney, said that it was not an exceptional performance.

Vino Alan and Beatrice Miller sang “”God Bless the USA” and “Chasing Cars” respectively. Vino Alan got the only standing ovation of the night for his outstanding performance. He dedicated his song to the US military for their sacrifice.

Vino Alan said: “I want to thank the US military for protecting us to do what we want to do.”

Britney Spears said “I personally think this is the first performance that is spot on.”

Demi Lovato added she has been hard on him, and thinks she may be wrong because Vino has been ranked Top 3 for the last two weeks. “I think that I’ve been wrong, and there’s something special about you.”

Simon Cowell commented that one should not judge a book by its cover because Vino looks tough outside but has a soft spot inside. Simon and the rest of the X Factor USA judges were impressed with his performance; they gave him the only standing ovation for the night.

Tonight, only the Top 8 contestants would stay and 2 would go home. The Top 6 safe contestants are:

1. Vino Alan

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar

3. Tate Stevens

4. Emblem 3

5. Paige Thomas

6. Fifth Harmony

Bottom 2 on the X Factor USA 2012

1. Beatrice Miller

2. Cece Frey

Eliminated X Factor USA contestants are:

1. Arin Ray 

2. Beatrice Miller

Check next week for updates on the X Factor USA results for November 22, 2012.

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