X Factor USA 2012: Quatrele Da’an Smith Gets 3 Votes with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” Simon’s Reaction was Priceless (Video)

On the X Factor USA 2012, Quatrele Da’an Smith gets 3 “yesses” from the X Factor U.S.A judges with Lady Gaga’sBorn This Way.”

L.A. Reid voted “no” but Demi, Britney and Simon said “yes.”

Simon Cowell was grinning, apparently enjoying Quatrele Da’an Smith’s performance.

He said:

“Sometimes I have to embrace the madness.”

Quatrele Da’an Smith decorates cakes for a living, and although he looked weird in his strange wedding gown ensemble, his voice shone through in his rendition of “Born This Way.”

Below is the YouTube video of Quatrele Da’an Smith, courtesy of TheXFactorUSA, singing “Born This Way.”

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Quatrele Da’an Smith on XFactorUS

Video credit: TheXFactorUSA /YouTube

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