X Factor UK 2012: James Arthur Nailed “One”, Judges Expressed their Desire to Watch Him in the Finals

The X Factor UK 2012 Week 9 Performance Show featured James Arthur with two songs “One” and “The Power of Love.”

James nailed both songs with the judges expressing their desire to watch him in the finals because he was brilliant, and deserves to be in the finals next week.

James Arthur, however, was one of the Bottom 2 contestants during Week 7, when Ella Henderson was shockingly eliminated.

Judge Tulisa stated that she was tired listening/reading about people saying that even if James Arthur doesn’t win, he will still be making records. Tulisa wanted to stress that James could make records, and also win in the competition.

James Arthur
James Arthur, Image credit: XFactorUK

James Arthur was the early favorite to win the competition but the other 3 contestants are equally amazing singers as well.

All of the Top 4 X Factor UK contestants were lauded by the judges.

Below is the YouTube video of James Arthur singing “One.” The video is courtesy of X Factor UK.

James Arthur singing ”One”

Video credit: XFactorUK/YouTube

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