Winner Prediction on X Factor Philippines Results Show, October 7, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – The prediction of the winner on the X Factor Philippines Results Night, this Sunday, October 7, 2012 (local time) is difficult because of the multi-talented Top 3 finalists. They have showed to the world that they deserve to be in the Top 3 of the most popular local reality TV show, X Factor Philippines.

KZ Tandingan, Gabriel Maturan, and Daddy’s Home had all given their best performance- ever – during the X Factor Philippines Performance Show held yesterday, October 6, 2012. Click this link to learn more about the Top 3 contestants’ performance.

Daddy's Home, Image credit: X Factor PH

Most of the previous predictions have not hit the mark because the voting viewers have also been unpredictable in their votes.

Out of the Top 3 X Factor Philippines finalists, only Gabriel Maturan has never been in the Bottom 2. KZ Tandingan has been in the Bottom 2 once, and Daddy’s Home, thrice. If this would act as the basis of predicting the winner, then the clear first winner for the X Factor Philippines Show is Gabriel Maturan.

Gabby Maturan, Image credit: XFactorPH

Gabriel Maturan was the dark horse in the competition. He slowly emerged more confident and more “improved” from his original “packaging” to a total performer. Thanks to his mentor, Martin Nievera. His last solo performance “I Believe” has proven this.

Daddy’s Home’s performance of Gary V.’s “Gaya ng Dati,” was outstanding, it left tears in almost everyone’s eyes. Actor-singer, Gary Valenciano, who is tagged as the “Total Performer,” of the Philippines music industry is, incidentally, the group’s mentor. Yesterday, Daddy’s Home proved that they deserved to be in the Top 3 of X Factor Philippines with their angelic, blending voices. If this is the basis, then Daddy’s Home would emerge as the winner.

KZ Tandingan’s unique style, however, has always been a standout since the audition rounds. She brought originality and flavor to her performances. KZ leads also unofficial polls as the all-time favorite. On Twitter and Facebook, she has a huge following that could convert to votes. This could mean that she could emerge as the winner of the X Factor Philippines singing competition – if all of these fans would cast their votes for her.

KZ Tandingan, Image credit: XFactorPH

So, who would go home tonight as the champion or grand winner of X Factor Philippines? Without weighing the facts presented above, on a hunch, the winner would be Daddy’s Home. But remember, this is only a prediction, so it may, or may not come true.

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