Why ALDUB is a Blessing to the World

The phenomenal ALDUB on screen love team of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza continues to capture the hearts of people all around the globe. The sincerity and spontaneity of the couple have made them well-loved by their millions of fans all over the world.


Alden Richards an Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub)
Alden Richards an Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub), Philippine Arena


ALDUB’s Tamang Panahon Charity Concert last October 24, 2015 has proven to the couple’s few critics the immense popularity and the incredible “Bayanihan” power of the ALDUB Nation. All the 55,000 seats were sold within a few days, and the ALDUB hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon has broken Twitter’s World Record as the Most Twitted Event with 41 million organic tweets. ALDUB is, indeed, a social phenomenon!


ALDUB Nation at the Philippine Arena
ALDUB Nation at the Philippine Arena, Image credit Aldub Nation


But let me get personal with this post because ALDUB has been a blessing for me, and I’m sure, for other ALDUB fans around the world too.
Why is ALDUB a “Blessing” to the world?

I was not an ALDUB fan at the onset. I heard some people proclaiming that ALDUB is just “kababawan” (shallowness) – meaning trivial or insignificant – and that there are more serious concerns that people should concentrate on. But as I wrote articles to respond to majority of my readers’ demand, I discovered the phenomenon of the Kalye Serye. It was something different, unique, just like a whiff of fresh air amid all the other typical shows.


alden maine dubsmash PH arena
ALDUB dubsmashing


So, now, I beg to disagree. It’s not “kababawan” to watch ALDUB. ALDUB can help you solve your daily problems in life. (It’s your attitude that counts – as ALDUB reiterates.)

For people to be able to deal with problems, they have first to stay healthy and sane. Yes, Virginia, you read it right – SANE. So, let me share these facts with you.

For me, ALDUB has accomplished the following incredible miracles:

1. ALDUB made me laugh my heart out and, along with it, discarded the shadows of depression hovering over my head. I’m in my twilight years but it’s amazing that ALDUB can make me feel these seemingly infantile emotions of joy.

2. ALDUB made me happy. Laughing has turned me into a happy person, ironing out my facial wrinkles and stabilizing my blood pressure. Well, my blood pressure elevated at some points during the program because of excitement, but looking at the general picture, watching ADLUB has made me healthier.


ALDUB, Kalye Serye kulitan
ALDUB, Kalye Serye kulitan


3. ALDUB helped me maintain an optimistic attitude. Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, TVJ, The ALDUB Nation, and Eat Bulaga eschew all negative things and just focus on what’s positive. When I tweet something negative, someone will always step in and tweet, “Don’t do that. Let’s be positive.” I’m an optimist too but these people are just teeming with positive vibes. When you have a positive frame of mind, you can almost always overcome your problems and challenges because you will tend to keep going on until you succeed.

4. ALDUB gave me hope that dreams do come true. Philippines’ Dubsmash Queen, Maine Mendoza, dreamed of becoming an actress, and within a span of three months, she became one of the fastest rising stars/actresses in the world, based on Twitter records. Actor, Alden Richards, dreamed of becoming a “Justine Bieber” who is swamped by fans wherever he goes, and he fulfilled this dream within 5 years of being in showbiz. The reel and real? Lovebirds are in a movie together “My Bebe Love” for the Metro Manila Film Festival, and the film is expected to be a blockbuster at the tills. I dream of publishing a novel about my Kalinga hometown someday. It’s free to dream (according to Yaya Dub), so I won’t give up.


aldub nation
adoring fans


5. ALDUB taught my family the Filipino values that are ignored nowadays; pagmamano (touching the hand of an elder to one’s forehead, as a sign of respect), panliligaw sa bahay (courtship should be done in the house of the girl not on the streets), bayanihan (helping one another) and respect for other people. There are lots more of Filipino values that one can learn from Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye and the ALDUB tandem. The Lolas, especially Lola Nidora, have popular sayings/quotes that people can learn from.

6. ALDUB can unite people from all walks of life for a common cause. An example is the charity event for the development and/or creation of libraries for elementary schools in the country.

7. ALDUB has helped me survive financially. I don’t have to reveal the details. Every business related to ALDUB has gained significant sales or earnings. You may want to design your key chains with ALDUB’s caricatures. You’d be surprised at how fast they would sell. Within three months, ALDUB has dominated every aspect of Filipino lives. ALDUB is likened to a Midas’ touch – anything that ALDUB touches turns into gold. Enterprising businessmen are now capitalizing on this fact. Certainly, people abroad are no exception. You can do this too! And thank ALDUB for the blessings.


ALDUB fans outside the Philippine Arena
ALDUB fans outside the Philippine Arena


Based on these facts, ALDUB can be a blessing to the world, as well. I’m sure that people around the globe can duplicate the experiences that I have personally undergone.

And for this, I want to salute the wonderful people of ALDUB. Mabuhay kayo Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub), Lolas, Eat Bulaga, Aldubarkads and the ALDUB Nation!


Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza and Alden Richards
Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza and Alden Richards

6 thoughts on “Why ALDUB is a Blessing to the World”

  1. Agree w/ u uniqueness , originality.. scripted/unscripted ? still nasapol ang puso ng tao..un ang 1st impression ko kc i was just curious this aldub ..then watch you tube ..n i love everything ..the concept ung characters ng mga tao..lahat cla ..full package..esp yaya dub very natural she’s genius ! si alden pampakilig ! ..EAT Bulaga 4ever…

      • Instead of bashing, criticizing, comparing Maine Mendoza with other stars… appreciate her coming for she came and stays with the masses with her simple self and magical smile. She frowns and make faces…to make us laugh and understand life is a “clowny” place be it or not be counted. Maybe she was only targeting for a daily/weekly/wage but God showers her with unending grace.To mock her is to mock God’s power. Whileothers tried hard for years and years to earn and reach the top, Maine did it in 90 days…captured all and became the most loved and highly paid celebrity. No competition…she’s here to spread joys…

  2. what a wonderful article ! I agree 100%.Their contribution offers unlimited opportunities to small enterpreneurs. If only the government can see how it will help our national economy.The APEC summit is about boosting our local brands to reach the international market. ALDUB is a treasure to tap…
    put the brand in our locally manufactured handicrafts, umbrellas, give way items like pens,umbrellas etc…


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