Where to Buy PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ Hip Swaying Dance Music

PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ hip swaying music is out and it seems the impact is unlike PSY’s first “Gangnam Style” horse dance. It’s too early to say, though, as the simple hip swaying dance movements of “Gentleman” is so easy to perform that it would surely catch fire in the coming days; the video has just been released on Saturday, April 13, 2013, but it has more than 4 million hits already.

PSY in ‘Gentleman’, Image credit: Video grab officialpsy

Gentleman’ has more English words than ‘Gangnam Style’ but the presentation is similar with ‘Gangnam’; a bevy of South Korean beauties, some humor, and a group dance at the end of the video, and yes, the guy with the shocking yellow outfit in ‘Gangnam’ is there too in ‘Gentleman.’  Talk about PSY’s ingenuity.

North Korea should watch this video and forget about its war-like stance.

If you want to have in your music collection PSY’s second music video, then you can buy it from the following:

•    iTunes
•    Official PSY Online Store US and International

Below is PSY’s ‘Gentleman’ YouTube video courtesy of officialpsy.

PSY in ‘Gentleman’

Video credit: officialpsy/YouTube

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