What’s Your Best Picture for the Oscars? “Argo” Should Get the Award It Deserves

What’s your Best Picture for the Oscars?  If it is up to them, for sure, there would be numerous moviegoers who would vote for “Argo” as the Best Picture and give the award it truly deserves, but the way things stand, it would be up to the Oscar voters to vote for the Best Picture. The awarding ceremonies would be on February 24, 2013 at the Dolby Theatre.

Actor-director Ben Affleck was “snubbed” as a nominee for Best Director for “Argo,” whereas, most award giving bodies, such as, SAGA, Golden Globe, and the BAFTA recognized his excellence in “Argo” and accorded him the honor.

Ben Affleck in “Argo”, Image credit: Paramount Pictures

Ben’s “snub” as director is compensated by “Argo’s,” several Oscar nominations, namely:

Best Picture

Actor in a Supporting Role- Alan Arkin


Film Editing

Original Score

Sound Editing

Sound Mixing

Other films nominated as Best Picture are:


“Zero Dark Thirty”

“Life of Pi”

“Django Unchained”


“Silver Linings Playbook”

“Les Miserables”

“Beasts of the Southern Wild”

It was 1998 when Ben Affleck first received his Oscar with Matt Damon for Original Screenplay. Ben was 25 years old then. Now, at age 40, his film, “Argo” is a blockbuster in the US and abroad, earning accolades from international movie pundits.

Moviegoers talked about the intense and explosive drama that kept building until the end of the story. Ben knows how to keep his audience on the edges of their seats, as he flawlessly directed each scene to contribute to the climax of the movie.

Argo” is also nominated for Best Film/Picture in the AACTA International Award, and Satellite Award, while Ben Affleck is again nominated as Best Director in the same award giving bodies.

Ben Affleck should have been nominated to the Oscars as Best Director for “Argo” for his intricate, thrilling, and breathe-taking disclosure of the true story of CIA operative Tony Mendez. Apparently, the Oscar voters did not think so.

Would the Oscars finally award Ben Affleck a statuette? Moviegoers all over the world are all eyes on the academy, expecting their favorite film, “Argo” to win Best Picture.

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