“We Love Heejun Han” Trends Worldwide at Twitter

We Love Heejun Han” trended worldwide at Twitter as Heejun gained more fans during his American Idol Live Tour.

Heejun posted the pic showing the trend, and extended his gratitude to his fans via his official Tweeter account, @HHanAI11.

Twitter image courtesy of Heejun:

Heejun Han, 22, is from Flushing, New York City, and ended up Top 9 in the previously concluded American Idol reality singing contest.

Heejun Han
Image Credit: Heejun Han/Twitter

He developed a friendship with American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips that started since they auditioned for AI. Their friendship is still going strong up to this time. When they were together, they made people laugh because of their funny antics. Heejun is the “funny man” of the group because he plays funny pranks on his co-idols.

He first captured the American Idol judges’ attention when he auditioned and had the mannerism of shaking his hands. Jennifer Lopez fell in love with his voice, and together with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler they voted for him to proceed to the Top 24.

With his soulful and beautiful voice, Heejun Han was able to survive until Top 9 of the American Idol contestants. Jennifer Lopez once said of Heejun’s voice:

“That was the most beautiful tone and the most beautiful vibrato.”

Heejun gave outstanding performances during the AIb2012 tour, and was friendly, gregarious and funny that more fans gravitated towards him, when they see him in person.

Now, Heejun Han is able to trend worldwide, that is an amazing feat for someone who just auditioned for AI to let people know about the kids that he mentored in New York.


Heejun with Jessica

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