Watch: Pinoys, Moymoy Palaboy (Rodhil) and Fe Garcia, a 54-Year Old Woman, Get Standing Ovation on Asia’s Got Talent

Pinoys, Moymoy Palaboy (Rodhil) and Felicitas Garcia, a 54-year old vegetable vendor nailed Bonnie Tyler’s song “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and got a standing ovation from the audience on Asia’s Got Talent.

Three judges, singers Vanness Wu, Anggun, and Melanie C were impressed by the odd couple and gave their nods to the duo, while David Foster said “no” because he did not approve of the combination.

“You may be 18 or 21, age doesn’t matter, you sang it great,“ Foster further stated about Fe Garcia.

When David Foster asked Fe if she would be willing to leave Rodhil behind and make it solo, Fe refused, saying: “But he is my partner.”

The audience applauded her decision to stay loyal to her partner, Rodhil.

Another Pinoy group, the Junior New System, rendered a brilliant dance performance that impressed the audience and the four judges. They earned a standing ovation from the four judges and the audience.

David Foster, himself, acknowledge that the Pinoy dance group, gave a world class performance, and that “Junior New Sytem, Asia’s Got Talent has been looking for you! There’s not an act from America from Beyonce on down that would love to have you guys behind her.”

Judge Vaness Wu had only admiration for the Philippine dance group.

“Junior New System is a name that I’m going to remember. You guys had the power moves, you guys had the attitude, you guys had the flair and it was just very unique in the sense that you were very original in what you guys did, so great job. Mabuhay!”

Philippines’ Junior New System got four “yesses” from the judges.

Ten-year old, Gwyneth Dorado, also received another standing ovation from the judges and audience when she nailed Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Asias Talent:

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