Watch Live: Rare Celestial Phenomenon: “Honey Moon” on Friday the 13th; Is it a good omen?

A rare celestial phenomenon, the full “Honey Moon” is set to occur on Friday the 13th, and doomsday “prophets” believe that it is a sign indicating the start of the end of the world, especially that it falls on a Friday, and on the 13th of the month.

Some sky watchers, though, believe that the full amber moon on Friday the 13th is an omen of a happy and fruitful season.


Honey moon Friday the 13th
Honey moon Friday the 13th


It is called a honey moon (honeymoon) because of its honey or golden amber color and it is the lowest moon of the year.

This rare event occurred on June 13, 1919 and will occur again on June 13, 2098. Full moons are common but having them coincide with Friday the 13th is rare.

Sky watchers in North America, Chile, some parts of Europe and in the Canary Islands would be able to view the full honey moon in a cloudless sky.

Sky watchers who would like to watch live this phenomenon, can watch from Chile or the Slooh telescopes in the Canary Islands’, video below.

Full Honey Moon

Video credit Slooh /YouTube

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