Watch: Legaci, a Filipino-American Group, Made it to the Next Level on America’s Got Talent; Howard Stern says they were Godlike

Legaci, a Filipino-American group, has made it to the next level of the reality TV competition America’s Got Talent last June 17, 2014.

Legaci is composed of an all-male group, aged 30 to 33, who are employed as website programmer, IT specialist, call center and computer technician.

Legaci on America's Got Talent
Legaci on America’s Got Talent

At first, no one seemed interested in them because of their apparently ‘boring’ jobs, but when they started singing; their powerful vocals captivated the crowd. Halfway through the song “Who’s Loving You”, the audience stood up and acknowledged and expressed their admiration of Legaci’s singing talent.

Howard Stern said:

“The most boring people open their mouths to sing, and you were Godlike.”

Howie Mandel gave them a standing ovation.

“I did stand up. This show proves time and again not to judge a book by its cover.”

Heidi Klum stated:

“I really enjoyed it. You have amazing voices. I thought it was great.”

Melanie Brown said:

“I had a 6th sense, and I could sense that we were gonna experience something amazing. Thank you for reassuring me that my 6th sense is spot on, amazing…amazing.”

Legaci on America’s Got Talent, June 17, 2014

Video credit: G.T. Clapton /YouTube

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