Watch “Arrow’s” Thrilling Trailer for April 16 Episode: ‘The Man under the Hood”

“Arrow” is back on April 16 and the trailer of the episode, “The Man under the Hood” was released by The CW Television Network on April 2.

“Arrow” has become a popular TV series even out of continental USA because of its fast-paced action, compelling story and dashing protagonist in the person of Canadian actor, Stephen Amell. Stephen is billionaire Oliver Queen in the series, who acts as the vigilante Arrow when needed.

Stephen Amell in Arrow
Stephen Amell in Arrow

Countless fans were wondering if Stephen Amell performs his Salmon Ladder and he showed through a video that he was doing the difficult exercises, himself.

Incidentally, Stephen Amell’s cousin, Robbie Amell is also the main character in another fast-rising series, “The Tomorrow People.” Apparently, the two get along well together that producers should start thinking about a “Starsky and Hutch” type of series where they could both be the main characters.

Fans are excited about the return of the Arrow. Watch the trailer below.

Arrow, The Man Under The Hood Trailer

Video credit: The CW Television Network/YouTube

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