Vote for Your Top 10 ALDUB Original Songs

There’s no stopping our musicians, singers and composers in coming up with their original ALDUB songs for the phenomenal ALDUB love team.


ALDUB top songs
Alden and Maine’s first picture


There’s even an ALDUB Prayer for the couple, Actor Alden Richards and DubSmash Queen, Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.

They have now become a household name locally and abroad. Maine Mendoza is now one of the Fastest Rising Stars on Twitter, grouped with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, while Alden Richards’ self-titled album has gained worldwide recognition for ranking 10th on the U.S. Billboards’ World Albums, the previous week.

Here are the YouTube videos of the various songs composed for ALDUB. Watch the videos below, and vote for your Top 10 ALDUB songs. Select only 10 songs.

If you know of an ALDUB song not listed here, leave a message in the comment section of this post.


What are your Top 10 original ALDUB songs?

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Song #2
Song #3
Song #4
Song #5
Song #6
Song #7
Song #8
Song #9
Song #10
Song #11
Song #12
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Song #16
Song #17
Song #18

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1. KilalaMoSiKero – “ALDUBest”, courtesy of Rowell Dizon Mallari -taui-



2. Keiko Necesario, Isaiah Antonio, and Andrai Antonio – “The AlDub Song”, courtesy of Antonio Duo.



3. Jimmy Bondoc “YaYa”, courtesy of Njel de Mesa.



4. Foreignoy Trio (Foreigners) cover – “BaeYaya” by Kulas Basilonia, courtesy of Bobby Mandike.



5. Kiko Feat Jose Tobi – “Sa Tamang Panahon” (AlDub Song), courtesy of redcirclechannel



6. Jashael Bagabaldo – “Tamang Pagibig”, courtesy of Jashael and Marvin Bagabaldo



7. Pamela Ricerra & Nicolas Lacap – “Sa Tamang Panahon” Unang Hirit, courtesy of ALDUB TV.



8. Paola Lozare and Nat Casillan – “Seven Sixteen”, courtesy of Paola Lozare.



9. Katkat Carino – “Uma-ALDUB”, courtesy of Katkat Carino.



10. Musico PH – “AlDub song”, courtesy of Musico PH



11. Eurika Music – “AlDub Song ( Sandali Na Lang )”, courtesy of Onin Aquino.



12. Famela Ricerra / Nicolas Lacap – “Sa Tamang panahon”, courtesy of Karaoke Negra.



13. Paul Padlan – “Will you be “MAINE” Mine”, courtesy of Karaoke Negra.



14. Sid Chiong – “Sa Tamang Panahon” (“Sotanghon”), courtesy of Karaoke Negra.



15. Rie Aliasas – “Mahal na maALDEN Kita”, courtesy of Rie Aliasas.



16. Ruth Anna – “Aldub You (MaAlden Kita)”, courtesy of Ruth Anna Mendoza.



17. Michael V (Bitoy) – “Aldub You Song”, courtesy of HOT NEWS TV.



18. Enza Moldez – “Sa Tamang Panahon”, courtesy of Enza Moldez.



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