Vhong Navarro Updates: Another Rape Case Filed by a Different Woman

MANILA, Philippines – Actor TV Host Vhong Navarro faces another rape case filed by an unidentified woman in Pasig City on February 19, 2014. This was reported by local news on the same date. The alleged rape took place in 2010. Reportedly, the woman would be identified once the case progresses.

Vhong Navarro Deniece Cornejo mauling
Vhong Navarro

This comes before the resolution of Deniece Cornejo’s rape charges against Vhong. Cedric Lee has previously mentioned that there were other complainants aside from Deniece.

Vhong Navarro’s lawyer, however, stated that they were expecting this, and even more to come as the 2nd hearing of the case is set on February 21, 2014.

Public opinion has favored Vhong Navarro’s innocence of the rape charges because NBI’s evidences proved that it was physically impossible for Vhong to rape Deniece Cornejo.

The Condo’s CCTV, the text messages, testimonies of eye witnesses outside of the hotel, and the condo neighbors all confirm Vhong Navarro’s statements on TV and to the NBI.


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