Top 3 Predictions American Idol 2013: Who Would Be Voted Off?

The Top 3 predictions on the American Idol 2013 reality singing competition are mostly girls. This site has an ongoing Global Poll, and based on this unofficial poll Angie Miller leads, followed by Lazaro Arbos, Kree Harrison and then Candice Glover.

Janelle Arthur comes next, then Burnell Taylor, then Amber Holcomb, and lastly, Devin Velez.

Although the poll is still ongoing, it could be an indication of the trend. Since, it is not an all American poll; there might be some differences with the actual ranking.

American Idol Top 8, Image credit: American Idol

It seems though that America agrees because during the past week, the Top 3 were: Kree Harrison, Candice Glover and Angie Miller.

If the trend continues, then American Idol fans can be assured of girl power during the Grand Finals. It could be Kree Harrison pitting her talent with Angie Miller, or Candice Glover.


Candice Glover, who was eliminated last season during Hollywood Week, has improved by leaps and bounds. She has a good shot at the title; she improved, tremendously, on showmanship, and her voice remains so powerful and refined.

It can be recalled that during Hollywood Week last season, Candice’s friends, runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, and 9th placer, DeAndre Brackensick were selected to continue, while she was eliminated. Perhaps, this was the reason; she would become champion for this season. She has now the looks and the confidence of an American Idol winner.

Incidentally, Jessica Sanchez went back to American Idol this week to debut her new album. She performed her new song with Ne-Yo.

The Top 3 predictions would be Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. Next week, they would eliminate one contestant again. Who would it be? Check back next week for updates.

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