Top 10 Finalists Miss Universe 2018, Miss Philippines is a Strong Contender

The Miss Universe 2018 is on and the Top 10 Finalists are the following:

Top 10 Miss Universe 2018

• Philippines
• Vietnam
• Costa Rica
• Curacao
• Venezuela
• Nepal
• Thailand
• Puerto Rico
• Canada
* South Africa

Many are rooting for the beauteous Filipina to win the crown, as she is confident, smart and gorgeous. Will he be able to answer the crucial question wisely?

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The Official Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 are:

Puerto Rico
South Africa

Top 3 Miss Universe 2018 candidates

South Africa

Miss Philippines won the crown of Miss Universe 2018

Here’s Catriona Gray’s statement:

“I am for being used in a medical use, but not so for recreational use because I think if people were to argue, what about alcohol and cigarettes? Everything is good but in moderation.”

Miss Universe Philippines 2018
Miss Philippines in her evening gown at the Miss Universe 2018
Miss Philippines wins Miss Universe 2018

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