Titanic 100th Anniversary: Commemorating with “Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron”

RMS Titanic
Image Credit: F.G.O. Stuart

Titanic’s 100th Anniversary is commemorated with several TV shows and activities such as the “Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron,” which features the renowned film director of Box Office giants like “Avatar” and “Titanic.” The famous director and navigator will try to answer questions about how the Titanic had sunk. This was reported by entertainment news sites, April 10, 2012.

Another TV special is the “Last Mysteries of the Titanic,” features Cameron’s dives into the deep to delve into the facts about the RMS Titanic, which sank 100 years ago on April 15, 1912. National Geographic and James Cameron have prepared interesting shows for the anniversary of the RMS Titanic.

The old  blockbuster film “Titanic” has also been converted into its 3D version and is currently competing with “The Hunger Games” and “American Reunion” in the Box Office.

There are still many connected activities to Titanic’s 100th Anniversary like, trips to the site of the sunken ship, that would allow people to remember the mighty cruiser whose memories remain unsinkable up to this day.

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