Thia Megia Wowed American Idol Judges with Love is Like a Heatwave

Thia Megia the youngest among the American Idol contestants wowed the judges after performing “(Love is like a) Heatwave.”  The young lass sang and danced with gusto that her “poor” performances the previous weeks were ignored by Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. Even Lopez danced to the rhythm of the music.

Thialore Lising Megia ‘s parents are from Angeles City Pampanga, >Philippines, the land of the great volcano,  Mt. Pinatubo, but had lived in the states since 1968. Thia is the youngest contestant, ever, for American Idol.

As Megia advances to the top, many of her fans have high hopes that she will become the next American Idol for Season 10.

Here is Thia Megia with her song courtesy of caseycarlsonlegacyx3.

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