The X Factor USA to Premiere Live Shows on October 29, 2013; Top 16 Contestants

The X Factor USA is set to premiere its Live Shows on October 29, 2013. X Factor fans can download the app and get exclusive backstage videos and photos from there. The contestants this Season 2 come from different walks of life and various occupations. It would be exciting to watch who would succeed to the Grand Finale.

Simon Cowell is mentoring the Groups; Demi Lovato, the Girls, Kelly Rowland, the Over 20s, and Paulina Rubio, the Boys. The judges’ chemistry together seems to bond well, and there are no harmful tensions that could damage the show’s stability and smooth operations.

Alex & Sierra on X Factor USA

The X Factor USA Season 2 contestants who will compete against each other are the following:

  1. Ellona Santiago
  2. Danie Geimer
  3. Rion Paige
  4. Carlito Olivero
  5. Carlos Guevara
  6.  Alex and Sierra
  7. Jeff Gutt
  8. Rachel Potter
  9.  Khaya Cohen
  10. Josh Levi
  11. Lillie Mccloud
  12. Restless Road
  13. Roxxy Montana
  14. James Kenney
  15. Sweet Suspense
  16. Tim Olstad


Some of the early favorites are Rion Paige, Carlito Olivero, Ellona Santiago and Jeff Gutt.  The adorable contestants, Alex and Sierra, are also captivating to watch. Alex and Sierra have been charming the crowd even during auditions and would, most likely, continue to do so to proceed to the next live shows.

One powerful voice is that of Filipino descent, Ellona Santiago. She could work the audience in her amazing performances by her stage presence and huge voice.

Rion Paige, on the other hand, has an awesome voice that transcends her small frame and apparent physical disability. She sings like and angel that the audience find difficult to ignore.

Who would be eliminated first from the Top 16 of X Factor USA roster?

Check back later for Live Show updates on The X Factor USA on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

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