The X Factor Australia: Fourtunate was voted off the X Factor Australia Show on Week 6

The X Factor Australia is on its 6th week and the Bottom 2, among the Top 7 contestants, were Bella Ferraro and Fourtunate, with Fourtunate being voted off.

The X Factor Australia judges Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Guy Sebastian, and Melanie Brown were all excited as well to know who was safe.

The safe contestants were Jason Owen, Samantha Jade, Shiane Hawke, Nathaniel Willemse, and The Collective.

Ronan Keating was responsible for the Groups, Natalie Bassingthwaighte for the Under 25 Girls, Guy Sebastian for the Over 25s, and Melanie Brown for the Under 25s Boys.

Bella Ferraro and Fourtunate performed their showdown songs with Fourtunate singing “Man in the Mirror” popularized by pop king, Michael Jackson.

Bella Ferraro sang “Let Me Go” originally sang by Lykke Li.

After the Bottom 2 contestants performed, the judges voted. Ronan Keating and Melanie Brown voted for Bella Ferraro to go home, while Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Guy Sebastian voted for Fourtunate to go home.

There was a deadlock of the judges’ votes between Bella Ferraro and Fourtunate, so the votes of the viewers would decide who would be going home.

When the votes were revealed, Fourtunate got the lowest votes, and was voted off the X Factor Australia singing competition,

The remaining Top 6 X Factor Australia contestants are:


The Collective

Under 25 Girls

 Bella Ferraro

Shiane Hawke

Over 25s

Samantha Jade

Nathaniel Willemse

 Under 25 Boys

Jason Owen


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