“The Walking Dead”: Is There Redemption for Rick Grimes?

The Walking Dead” has ended its episode for the season, and the question remains: “Is there redemption for Rick Grimes and his group?

The horror-drama-action series had audience grieving the loss of one of its ‘heroes’, Andrea, who blasted her own head to prevent becoming one of the ‘walking dead’, or are the survivors the true ‘walking dead’ because they have no more hope of redemption?

Would their new addition to the group cause more problems to what already existed? Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, is apparently still in control; Herschel, and all the other members still look up to him and trusted his leadership.

Andrea, Image credit: The Walking Dead

The last episode of this season showed the ‘Governor’ murdering all the helpless people, and then disappearing somewhere, while the rest who stayed behind at the Governor’s hideout were brought to the prison camp. This would mean new mouths to feed, and more people take care of for the deputy sheriff. And that was where the episode ended.

The ‘Governor’ would then remain the primary nemesis of Rick next season on ‘The Walking Dead’, sans Andrea. Lauren would still be there acting as a ghostly conscience for Rick, while he keeps his sanity intact in ensuring the safety of his friends and two children.

It would be thrilling to watch the next season as the new personalities, introduced in the recent series, interact with them.

What about Rick’s son? Was he beginning to rebel against his father? He certainly gave Rick a piece of his mind in their last scene together. Fans would surely want him to grow up as a good man like his father.

Merle, Daryl’s brother, had also died in the episode, eliminating one of Rick’s problems. It was heartbreaking to watch Daryl witness his beloved brother already a zombie. Who would take Merle’s place?  Surely, there would be new villains in next season’s episodes.

With a humongous number of fans watching the series, ‘The Walking Dead’ would surely be alive and kicking for a long time.

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