Taylor Swift Was Paid $1 as Full Damages of a Sexual Assault Case She Won against a DJ

Yes, indeed, Taylor Swift was paid only a dollar ($1) as full damages of a sexual assault case she filed and won against a DJ.

It was a symbolic $1 as it represents the right of women, even celebrities, to fight against sexual assault anywhere.

Taylor Swift, Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Swift attested to the fact that the DJ had groped her from behind during a meet and greet event. The DJ previously denied Swift’s allegations and sued her for defamation, but a photo showing him and his hands behind Swift had provided evidence of his misdeed.

The payment of the symbolic $1 gave hope and courage to women to stand up and boldly charge sexual offenders, and not be ashamed of it.

Taylor Swift’s fans are celebrating her victory and are lauding her courage to stand up for the rights of women.

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