Skilyr Hicks, 14, Impresses America’s Got Talent Judges with a Heartbreaking Original Song Dedicated to Her Late Father

Skilyr Hicks, 14, had impressed America’s Got Talent Judges with a heartbreaking original song, “Brand New Day,” which she has dedicated to her late father.

Skilyr Hicks unique, angelic voice reverberated through the hall that brought the audience to their feet.

America’s Got Talent Judge Heidi Klum said:

“I think you’re a beautiful girl. I’m thankful that you shared your story with us…I feel that you won all of our hearts.”

Skilyr Hicks_AGT
Skilyr Hicks, Image credit: AGT

Brad Paisley also was impressed:

“I tell you something, I have children. I have two little girls, and when I listen to your voice, I imagine them. I would imagine that in some place your father is watching you, and he’s so proud of you.”

Skilyr Hicks revealed that she started singing when she was still a “baby” and began playing when her dad passed away a few years ago.

The lyrics of the song cites God as a source of strength.

“I pray to God to give me a song…”
“Everything will be okay…It’s a brand new day.”

Recently, “Brand New Day,” was played on Howard’s Stern’s radio show. The song is predicted to make it big in the music industry.

Skilyr Hicks America's Got Talent
Skilyr Hicks, Image credit: America’s Got Talent

Skilyr Hicks disclosed this in her Facebook page:

“I just found out from a friend that my song “Brand New Day” was played over Howard’s Stern’s radio show (in an ad & a special mention)… Wow!!! I can’t believe it! Did anyone else hear it??”

Some of the contestants who made it on America’s Got Talent are: Tavi & Antonio, Timber Brown, Aquanauts and Milton Patton.

Whether she wins or loses on America’s Got Talent, Skilyr Hicks’ voice is unique and she would surely go places with her talent as songwriter and singer.

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