Simon Cowell Disappointed with the Elimination of Emblem 3 on X Factor USA, But Says Huge Career Awaits Them

X Factor Bigwig, Simon Cowell, was disappointed with the elimination of Emblem 3, one of the groups he had mentored.  But Simon was certain the group would have a bright future in the entertainment industry.

“I mean this; you’re going to have a huge career.”

Simon Cowell may have some plans for Emblem 3. They were supposed to be the next One Direction group.

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Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony, who was the first saved group, seemed to have recovered from the constant nit-picking of L.A. Reid of their performances. During their last performance he praised them and the girls were visibly relieved.

Tate Stevens seems to be doing something right because he was called second, leaving Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem 3 standing on the stage.

During the previous week, Emblem 3 has been lauded by the judges, but Fifth Harmony has recovered in their last performance that made them qualify for the Finals.

Simon was disappointed with the elimination of Emblem 3, but says that miracles happen because of Fifth Harmony making it to the X Factor Finals.

Emblem 3 was sent home and Carly Rose joined the two contestants for a showdown next Thursday, December 20.

Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens could be neck to neck in the X Factor USA 2012 singing competition. Both are equally talented, but Carly Rose is still young and she would certainly have a singing career, whether she wins or not.

Check back for updates on December 19 and 20 on the X Factor USA 2012 singing contest.

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