Season 4 Trailer of the Making of “The Walking Dead” Released; “New elements that will shock you”

The Season 4 Trailer of the making of “The Walking Dead” is released and Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer of the popular zombie TV series revealed:

“There are new elements that will shock you.”

Rick Grimes, the lead role, in the gripping and gruesome series disclosed that:

“The scripts this season are beyond great. They’re deeper, darker… I don’t know how these guys do it. But it keeps getting bigger and bigger.”

“Intense, terrifying.”

“I’m more excited this season than I’ve ever been.”

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead”


The episodes are reportedly “shocking” and unique from the first two seasons. “The Walking Dead” has gained a lot of avid followers for its dramatic tale of survival amidst a zombie-populated world.

The survivors led by Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln are hanging by a thread of sanity. Daryl Dixon and Carl Grimes are favorite characters in the series.

Some fans have early reactions to what they predict as the development in the story – the death of Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. In the original book version, Daryl’s character is reportedly not present, so he may be terminated in this season. Fans root also for Glenn, Michonne, and Maggie in the story.

The Walking Dead” Season 4 would premiere Sunday, October 13, 2014 with all new episodes on AMC.

Season 4-“The Walking Dead”

Video credit: AMC/SerienTrailerMP/YouTube

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