Roy Alvarez, Filipino Veteran Actor, Dies of Cardiac Arrest; Celebrity Reactions on Twitter

MANILA, PhilippinesRoy Alvarez, a Filipino veteran actor, has died of cardiac arrest on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at the age of 63. Celebrities expressed their grief of losing one of the most credible antagonists in Philippine cinema.

Roy Alvarez appeared in well-known TV soaps, such as, the recent “Villa Quintana”, Marian Rivera’s “Amaya”, “Her Wonder Walis” and the controversial, “My Husband’s Lover.” As an actor, he starred in memorable films like “Rizal sa Dapitan.”  He has a daughter, Miren Alvarez, by wife, Nieves Campa-Alvarez.

Roy Alvarez dies
Roy Alvarez in “Amaya” , Image credit:

Friends and celebrities trooped to twitter to extend their condolences


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