Rock Band Journey Voted as One of Four Finalists in Ultimate Classic Rock’s Hall of Fame

The legendary rock band, Journey, has been voted as one of Four Finalists in Ultimate Classic Rock’s Hall of Fame. The other three finalists are AC/DC, Kansas and Rush; voting ends on June 2, 2014.


Journey with Steve Perry
Journey with Steve Perry


Journey has amazingly maintained its popularity after more than 30 years going through 5 lead singers, namely Robert Fleischman, Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Jeff Scott Soto and Arnel Pineda.


Journey with Arnel Pineda
Journey with Arnel Pineda

Steve Perry brought fame and fortune to the band with his brilliant vocals, earning 8 platinum albums and selling millions of copies of their records. It was Neal Schon’s determination, though, that made Journey last throughout generations. Their hit song “Don’t Stop Believin” is the Most Downloaded Song in the 20th century, a superb indication of Journey’s staying power.

The latest lead vocals from the Philippines, Arnel Pineda, is said to have brought back the “soul” and vitality to the band, with his soaring tenor and incredible stage presence.

Journey would be on Live Tour starting May 15 in Chula Vista, CA up to September 1 in St. Paul, MN.

Voting for the Ultimate Classic Rock’s Hall of Famer is still ongoing. For fans, who would like to support their candidates, they can cast their votes at the website.

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