RM’s Mono Officially Recognized as The Korean Album with the Most #1s on iTunes

BTS RM’s Mono has been officially recognized as the Korean Album with the Most #1s on iTunes by the World Music Awards.

The mono album is composed of 7 songs that include:

1. Tokyo
2. Seoul
3. Moonchild
4. Everything Goes
5. Uhgood
6. Badbye
7. Forever Rain

The MV of Forever Rain from mono has more than 2 million views already on YouTube. And mono is #1 in 88 countries on iTunes, surpassing the previous record set by BTS.

Forever Rain is a song that brings nostalgia and poignant memories, and according to many listeners, it’s free therapy.

“Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain, everything slow, forever rain.”

So far, the only competition for RM’s Mono are BTS themselves. Here’s the ranking of the most #1s on iTunes worldwide; they all belong to BTS’ members.

#1 Mono – 88 countries
#2 LY TEAR – 85 countries
#3 LY Her – 80 countries
#4 LY Answer – 77 countries
#5 Hope World – 75 countries

Although RM and BigHit offered the mono album for free, ARMYs still trooped to iTunes to buy it to show support of RM’s masterpiece.

You can watch the video here, courtesy of BigHit

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